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Reflection 1_Animal Architecture

Carlota Bruna ( ) is an instagrammer who has been publishing for some time now in her instagram account what she calls «Monday Facts», which are articles mostly related to nature, ecology, animals, etc.
Two weeks ago she published one called «Animal Architecture», in which she shows 5 animals and their incredible architectural constructions, which besides being fascinating, have inspired important architects around the world.

Foto: Ingo Arndt para Nature Picture Library

The house where the animals live is of vital importance for their survival, as well as revealing much about their behavior. So we will see five of them:

  1. Wavebirds
    This impressive nest is built by the male. He cuts fresh leaves that are malleable and weaves them in a way that as soon as they dry, this incredible construction remains:
    The female will inspect it and if she approves, they will raise their children there. If not, she will look for another male. And the male in the nest will have to build another one from scratch.

  1. Termites
    In the north of Australia you can see termite fields like this one.
    They build as if they were their «castles». They are perfectly aligned to have an adequate temperature and ventilation throughout the day. Isn’t it fascinating?
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Foto: Ingo Arandt
  1. Wasps
    The wasps chew rotten and dry wood for the construction of your house. The nest varies in structure and color depending on the architectural style of the wasp and the type of wood used.
Fotos: Ingo Arandt

  1. Corals
    Lime and calcium carbonate are vitally important to corals (and are used in many human homes as well). Coral reefs are the largest structures created by living beings.

Fotos: Ingo Arndt
  1. Beavers
    Beavers are considered great architects but also true hydraulic engineers. Thanks to them an entire ecosystem can change! They only build their dams in running water to regulate the water level, and they can only be accessed underwater.
Foto: Pinterest


In my opinion I will say that I find the sophistication and techniques used by animals to build their houses instinctively incredible, since they are hallucinatory works in themselves and even more so when I think that the architects, designers and builders have been these animals. Therefore, I believe that it can also serve to investigate and study new construction and design techniques on a human scale.