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Reflection 2_ Field Practice

A few weeks ago the Field Practice of this subject took place. This consisted of experiencing the search for constructions such as huts, farmhouses, materials, etc. typical of the Valencian orchard landscape.

As I spent the morning walking through the orchard, I realized that not only are the buildings that characterize it important, but absolutely the entire landscape is a composition that creates a unique living atmosphere.

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Why do I say this? Well, the landscape (like many others) is not static by any means. This landscape changes throughout the year according to the season and the season in which the crops are grown, sown, harvested, burned, etc.

The orchard is also a relaxing landscape, since although it is located very close to urban centers it transmits peace and tranquility thanks to the contact with nature that it provides.

So, many people resort to the garden to go for a walk, to exercise, to clear their heads, to disconnect… But this is good for the landscape?

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There is really nothing wrong with doing these practices in the garden, but it is true that we must be very aware of how to respect the landscape. We cannot appropriate it and go wherever we want, since apart from the fact that the vast majority of land is private, we could ruin the orchards and plantations. We must always follow the paths provided for this type of activity so that we can continue to enjoy this jewel for many more years.


In conclusion, I think it is of vital importance to preserve this important and characteristic landscape while it is possible to modify it minimally so that people can use it in their day-to-day life when doing sports or as an escape to the urban center and thus also be able to learn. I also think it would be a good idea to put up posts with signs explaining the characteristics and richness of this landscape and why it is important to maintain it.