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Reflection 4_MrTfue

Content creators are becoming more and more important in the entertainment world. Platforms like Twitch or YouTube are the new television for many young people (and others who are not so young) thanks to the enormous range of possibilities they offer the viewer along with a more familiar and closer language.

Names like Ibai Llanos, ElRubius or AuronPlay have been part of our reality for years and seem to have no roof over their heads. However, one of the particularities of these platforms is that someone anonymous or unknown can go viral and create a successful channel without having to expose their identity. This is the case of Mr.Tfue, a youtuber unknown to the general public but who has managed to slip one of his videos in as the second most watched in Spain this year 2020.

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The video in question is ’60 Days Build Millionaire Underground Swimming Pool House’, in which Mr. Tfue shows how he is able to build a subway swimming pool with its corresponding stand using only his hands and rudimentary tools in the purest primitive style. His videos began to acquire great notoriety among the public less than a year ago and some like this one, in which he is seen building a subway slide in the middle of the jungle, already exceeds 150 million reproductions.

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Little is known about him beyond the description of his Youtube channel: «I am from the United States of America (USA) and I am planning to build a subway city in nature starting from scratch and using primitive tools. I have found a small jungle next to a village in South America to do it. I hope that all the viewers will enjoy seeing the result of my hard work

So, we only know that he is an American, that he is in South America and that his main goal is to build a city underground. These are parameters that make it really difficult to discover his identity.

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The editing of the videos together with the way they work, the music and the sound of the water make each visualization a whole session of chill and good mood. Another aspect that has attracted the attention of his most ardent fans and that increases the mysterious aura that surrounds the figure of Mr. Tfue is that it has been three months since he uploaded new content. Has he disappeared or is he preparing his most solemn work?

This is the link to his Youtube channel, where you can see all his videos:

(11) Mr. Tfue – YouTube


It’s true that it’s a very entertaining channel, but I don’t think it should be imitated because without the right knowledge it can be dangerous to build this way, even if it seems a little simple when watching his videos.