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Each person has their own vision about what it is to be an architect (each one more different from the last) and all those people are right. An architect cannot be pigeonholed into a single job of designing and constructing buildings, but contrary to what one might think, for me an architect encompasses many areas, such as the world of design, construction, art, the evolution of society, etc. And that is why it is impossible to limit the profession of an architect to designing and constructing buildings.

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By Leewardists

As we train to be architects; we must learn to see through to delve, to analyze, to draw, to travel, to read, to potograph,… To think and express our ideas with specific language, to be critical, curious, to create; with different materials, construction techniques, compositions… to adapt to the client’s demands. But the most important thing is that we are able to understand and interpret the reality that surrounds us, and be able to project our ideas and thoughts to alter it.

How to Find the Right Architect for Your Personal Project
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